Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: Culture In Modern Business


Today’s most successful brands don’t rely on slogans, but create a deeply rooted and authentic identity. Culture has become the most important element in ensuring that your brand message is clear, accessible and consistent. In this Social Age, marketing is everyone’s job and that is why organizations have to utilize their social employees. Culture is a tricky subject, something hard to define and measure, but here are some techniques that can help.

How do you build a sustainable culture?

To do so, the mission, vision and strategy must be shared throughout the organization. Without it, your social marketing efforts will appear inconsistent and inauthentic. The better informed and equipped your employees will be, the better they will represent you.

Culture begins with hiring the right people for the job. This doesn’t only apply to hiring employees, but also when hiring third-party vendors. As we live in a freelance economy, companies need to be able to collaborate and identify compatible contractors that share the same values.

BY 2030



Think about the future. Why is this important? Well if you want to attract the best and brightest of the growing workforce, your company has to place equal values on things like organization culture and social responsibility, as you do on products and profits.

Stop being negative. People work better when they feel good. Communicate positive outcomes, encourage engagement and thank people for their support.

Organisations have to publicly commit to their culture. Not only does it provide good publicity when done right, but it also forces your brand to be accountable. On top of that, you create a positive environment for your employees and you attract like-minded people (customers and business partners).

Put your money where your mouth is and put people first. They will show you the way forward.

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