Social Employee Advocacy: Increase Visibility & Brand Recognition


Over the course of the following weeks, I will publish some marketing strategy advice based on my knowledge and findings. The idea here is to share valuable information that can help you and your company grow your digital footprint. Let’s kick things off with Social Employee Advocacy.

What is Employee Advocacy?

It’s the promotion of a firm’s brand by its employees. In other words, employees become the brand’s ambassadors in the digital marketplace by sparking discussions on social networks with other individuals who share similar passions or interests based on the content the firm produces.

Today’s customers want to engage with a brand, not talk to a logo. And who better to drive this engagement than your employees? People are naturally more inclined to trust a face than a logo, thus the interaction is more human and appealing.

According to Hinge Research and Social Media Today, the top benefits of social employee advocacy program included increased visibility and brand recognition. However, these can be difficult to measure, so here is the list of all the Benefits Firms Receive from Employee Advocacy:

Benefits Firms Receive from Employee Advocacy

The goal of marketing is the same as it’s always been: growing a business by increasing visibility and building relationships with customers, prospects and other stakeholders. Social employee advocacy is the most recent way of doing so and It’s clear that your brand will benefit from it. 


14% of people trust traditional ads

78% trust peers for reviews and recommendations

And this works because consumers continuously use social channels to research and recommend new products and services. Just think of some of your purchase habits. How many times have you looked up for a review on Amazon to see if the product was up to your expectations or searched the product on YouTube for a better visual representation before you made that purchase? This makes for a more informed purchase decisions.

Not only is social employee advocacy beneficial for the brand/company, but it also positively impacts your employee’s career. This is a Win-Win situation. Here are some of those benefits:

Benefits Advocates Receive from Employee Advocacy


Train your employees to be advocates

The average adult has 5 social media accounts and spends about 100 minutes on them each day, but it’s dangerous to assume that employees know how to use social media in a business setting.

Firms need to find the appropriate training topics, the best person or team to train your staff and motivate employees.

Here is a list of some Training Topics:

  • Using social media to create engagement
  • Social media training for a specific social channel (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.)
  • Content marketing strategy for social media
  • Generating and nurturing leads on social Media
  • Building communities on social media
  • Social selling

Best Suited to Provide Training for Your Employees:

  • Specialized team of social media trainers
  • Online course
  • Social media guru
  • In-house team

Motivation for Employees:

  • Communicate the importance of social media
  • Public recognition of performance metrics
  • Make social media engagement a friendly competition
  • Set goals for performance metrics
  • Gift incentives (gift cards, meals, office supplies, etc.)
  • Monetary incentives
  • Additional benefit incentives (Paid time off, remote work flexibility, etc.)


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